After 18 years: “still the same procedure as every year!”

Since 2007 we have organized a meeting for classic 3 cylinder pushrod motorcycles that were built between 1969 and 1976 by TRIUMPH and BSA. This year we meet again in Weertzen, the „famous“ village between Bremen and Hamburg in northern Germany. Camping is possible in the back garden, toilets and showers will be provided. But we can also arrange your hotel accomedation if you prefer. A shuttle service to/from the hotels is planned.

The schedule:

Friday, 2nd August 2024

Our guestes will arrive in the course of the day. After the tents are erected / the accomedations found we will have a nice evening in the garden with drinks and BBQ.

Saturday, 3rd August 2024

After breakfast we will start our tour at 10 AM. Return is planned for 5 PM. That will give us enough time to have a nice evening with cold drinks, hot food and cheerfull talks.

The tour:

Our tour will lead us to through the beautiful “Alte Land”

Sunday, 4th August 2024

After breakfast our guests plan their individual trips home.